Way to Go, Neighbors!

Hello! Happy New Year! 

There are so many things that I want to document. Based on my For Posting pictures folder, I have 29  subfolders, meaning, I have 29 sets of pictures that I want to blog. I wanted to leave a Happy New year comment on the  blogs that I follow esp those on my blogroll but because I was busy, I could not find time and energy to go online. While my 5 day holiday break was loads of fun, it was quite tiring since Lotlot was also on break. Unlike last year where my mom, Jyl and their helper came over when I was yaya-less, this time, it was just me, Aki and Franky. Because I did not want to stress myself, I did not slave myself in the kitchen to prepare our Noche Buena and Media Noche contributions to the family potluck and instead just brought store bought food. For Christmas, Franco bought siomai from our favorite store in Elbi, Siomai Fudhouse. One order costs 17 pesos and has 3 really yummy siomais. Guess how many he bought? 60 orders! For Media Noche, we just bought cake from Red Ribbon and Kitkat ice cream.

Anywoot, I have been disgressing as usual. This post is all about my appreciation for my neighbors. Many times, I wish we live in Elbi, close to my side of the family. However, every New Year’s Day, I feel thankful that I live in Paranaque, next to neighbors who are willing to burn thousands of money and go thru the thick smoke.

Aki was not very happy with the noise and being woken up from his sleep.

War Zone

The next day, the vacant lot looked like a mini brown and red Payatas.

Thank you so much, Neighbors! I have yet to meet you but thank you!


15 thoughts on “Way to Go, Neighbors!

  1. Happy New Year, Maqui Franky and Aki!!!! 🙂

    Natawa ako dun sa war zone! But I agree, minsan nakakatuwa din mga neighbors na ganyan. pero sana next time mag usap usap na sila sino bibili ng color red, green, yellow, blue, etc para wag na masyado dumami kalat and smog. wehhee. anyhoo napadaldal. time to plan for the next playdate na nyan! tahimik na ulit buhay. :))

  2. Happy New Year sa inyong lahat dyan! Kala ko makalat na yung samin dahil sa mga ginamit na sparklers, fireworks and churvas! hehehe! Mas marami palang leftover kalat sa vacant lot dyan. hihihi!

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