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Lazy Confession

Hello Sad Blog! Stop frowning coz I am baaaack!!

It is Christmas party season and in the last 4 days, I went home past 12AM because of the celebrations in the office. I am so not 25 anymore. After 10PM, I am hardly awake but I had no choice but to be a party girl just this one because being with friends, the exchange gift, the performances are just to fun to pass up. As expected, I had not been waking up at 5AM. I missed blogging but I am sure there will be time to catch up.

Anywoot, before I go on a blogging extravaganza, let me just post why, despite the hours I spent researching on Christmas projects, DID I feel un-crafty these past few weeks. DID because I think my Christmas crafting mojo is back, hopefully for good.

First, I could not put down this book. I watched the Time Traveler’s Wife movie a few weeks ago. It was one of the best movies that I have seen this year. Oh my! I watched it again this afternoon and I was still crying when Henry started to say his final goodbyes. I wish I took a picture of my very wet pillow when I was reading the same part. I also wish the author removed Claire’s post-Henry’s-death love scene. Totally, unnecessary, if you ask me.

Two, I lost my motivation to make paper ornaments when I learned that these two from our collection, are missing! The white one is an ornament for 2008, our wedding year. The other one is our reminder of the biggest blessing that we had in 2009, Aki’s birth.

Lastly, just when I thought printables would be nice, stress-free and oh-so-easy Christmas decors, I learned that my printer is running out of ink! Red became pink and green became blue. Grrrr.

Past is past. All is well now. I can’t wait to blog about my most recent pillow project, my paper ornaments and Aki’s advent calendar!

7 thoughts on “Lazy Confession

  1. di ka nag-iisa sis! i cried when i watched the time traveler’s wife, too. i’m planning to finish the book as soon as i can get myself to start reading it. lol
    glad your back! more crafty activities to copy, yay! ^_^

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