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Christmas Tradition # 2: Aki’s Christmas Countdown


*drum rolls*

Aki’s Advent Calendar!

Advent calendars have 25 day countdowns but since I got lazy, this project did not fly until Monday this week. So from 25 days, ours only has 10.

The inspiration for this project came from Martha Stewart. See here for the original post.

Materials for this project

Spray paint
The most Christmas-y socks that I could find in the MRT sidewalk. Only 50 bucks for 3 pairs!
Numbers. I downloaded mine from here.


Paper ornaments
Cute Christmas pillow

Close up

1 to 4

5 to 7


8 and 10

I put the treats before the drummer boy wakes up. I can’t fill all the socks yet because if I do, there won’t be any way to stop him from emptying them in one sitting.

After we have taken out the treats, I turn the number face down. The next day, we count up to the last number and enjoy the contents of the last sock.

Up next, paper ornaments!

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