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Rudolph, the red nose rocking reindeer!

We have started decorating the house for the holidays. It is less than 20 days before Xmas and we are not done yet! Actually, I haven’t decided if we are already done or if I still want to add more holiday cheer in the house. I have been feeling lazy lately. Oh well, my holiday laziness deserves it is own post.

Anywoot, the Xmas books are out! I have been reading them to Aki since last week. It is so nice to see his eyes sparkle with excitement. I am glad that the holiday season runs for weeks. Compared to his birthday when we only got to celebrate for two days, now we have more or less a month to work on our family Xmas traditions. Those, again, deserve separate blog entry/entries.

This post is about Rudolph, the red nose reindeer who is rocking in our living room. I got inspired to have a reindeer decor when I saw how affected Aki was when I was telling him that Rudolph was bullied because of his red nose. Poor little creature had low self esteem. When I told Aki that Rudolph was chosen to drive the Santa car ( I was not sure if he understood the concept of sleigh), because his nose is like  our flashlight, Aki raised his fists and shouted yey! He reminds me of myself everytime he does that.

Okay, enough intro. First, I drew and cut the cardboard horns.

This is how it looks from behind the steering stick of the rocking horse.  I taped an extra layer of cardboard to prevent the horns from folding.

For the nose, I was thinking of stitching a thread to one of our red stressballs. Good thing I could not find them. Then, I thought of crumpling a red paper and putting it inside a red styro web usually found when we buy apples. If I tie the ends together, it would somehow look like a ball. While waiting for my SIL to arrive ( I asked her to get me one of those webby styro things from the grocery), I had a lightbulb moment. The easier red nose option: red noisy ball and a fuzzy wire!

Presenting… Rudolph, the red nose rocking reindeer!

Close up

Cute, eh?

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