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Master (Gift) Wrapper

Merry Christmas!

Where did 2011 go?! Seriously!

Last Saturday morning, I slept at 1AM because I was in the zone.. for gift wrapping! Our motif this year, is blue, green and red. The theme is recycled from Aki’s baptism, FRUGALICIOUS!

These are the gift tags that Aki and I made.

These were for the exchange gift.

Whenever I ran out of ideas, my go to style is the spider web. Usually, I use happy colored strings but I had none last week.

This was for Aki.

And these are for the daughters of my mommy friends.

Close up

I used  newsprint paper. It was only 18 bucks for 50 sheets. The ribbons and tags were made from construction paper. And for the big flower for Sophie’s gift, I used crepe paper.

In case you want to see, I posted last year’s gift wrappings here.

6 thoughts on “Master (Gift) Wrapper

  1. I love the red Christmas tree 🙂
    The spider style is always a hit for me. Yun nga lng wla pang nagbibigay saken ng gift wrapped like that.
    Was thinking of wrapping our gifts using the newsprint paper too. Thank you kasi now ko lng nalaman ang tawag dun. Every time I ask a saleslady for that kind of paper, I refer to it as “pambalot ng pandesal”. To which one replied “Ma’am, plastic?”

    1. Em, yun newsprint na paper, para siyang dyaryo, mejo grayish. Sa picture lang mukhang brown.
      Naghahanap rin ako ng pambalot ng pandesal. Ang tawag pala dun ay craft paper. Kala ko same lang sila ng Manila paper. Yun craft paper mas brown. Laging out of stock sa National. Accdg to my officemate, meron daw sa Kamuning market. Hehe, layo!
      Meron akong nabili na medyo similar, pattern paper naman ang tawag. Di kasing dilaw ng Manila paper pero hindi rin kasing brown ng pambalot ng pandesal.
      good luck satin!

  2. Maqui and Aki! Super thanks again for your gift! I wanted to take a photo of the very creative wrapper but the little girl beat me to it. She tore the wrapper even before my hands touched the gift. Excited lang talaga. Lolz! The plate is her current favorite 🙂

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