Good News, Bad News In the Garden

Bad news first..

My lemon basil and sweet basil plants are watching over me from heaven. My tarragon plant looks like it is gonna die soon too.

My roses are infested with these white evil things. Ate Nida said those little evil things suck nutrients from the stems and may cause the whole plant to die later on. I am not sure if  i want to invest in anti-pest solutions or if I should  just let the roses die and just find a new pet plant project for 2012.

Now for the good news!

My ampalaya plant has little ampalaya buds! Oui! Finally, a real harvest from my backyard. I have planted tomatoes and calamansi seeds so many times but none of them even reached the flowering stage.

My newest project is my hanging plant collection. I was inspired by the beautiful plants I saw in Casa Buena Suerte Resort.

Aren’t they lovely?

My collection is still small but I am sure we will get there.



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