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101 Things to Make, Do and Play

Last last weekend, I realized that my life is about to go back to normal. Hubby would be home in a few days. I have a new yaya for Lotlot, househelp. Our house is not one big mess anymore. There is enough food in freezer. The decors from Aki’s birthday were finally put away. Aki’ playroom is now a playroom again. Aleluya!

The first thing I wanted to do when I realized that I have already mentally checked most items in my mental to do list, was to gather my craft and activity books and look for activities that Aki and I can do together. After getting the books from my room, books from the living room, and some books from the Japanese room, I counted all of them and found out that I have 10!

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 Do you love vintage craft books, too? I grew up reading ChildCraft  and this Make and Do section is my absolute favorite!

While I sure am happy that I have more than enough craft and activity books, I somewhat felt bad because some books particulary the I can Play (I forgot to take a picture of this) and Wonderplay aren’t stand outs. I bought them because they were so affordable but I did not scan them thoroughly. Lesson Learned: Read before your buy.


7 thoughts on “101 Things to Make, Do and Play

  1. hi sis! not really a comment but an inquiry. how were you able to find a new yaya for your yaya (haha!)? i still can’t find one and i’m so so desperate. do you know of an agent? or maybe your yaya knows someone who wants to work also. keep us in mind ha. ^_^

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