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My Driver’s Driver

My husband and I are alike in a lot of ways. However, in a lot of ways, we are also very different. One very notable difference is our love affair with the camera. While I like to take pictures of anything and everything, Franco can hardly be bothered to take the camera out of its pouch. Before he left for El Sal, I told him to take a lot of pictures. I want to see the food that he’d eat, the people he’d meet and everything that I won’t see here.

In his 3 and a half weeks in San Salvador, he managed to take 300 pictures! Only!  I can take 300 pictures in 3 hours. He even forgot to bring his camera when his best friends toured in California during his stop over.   Anyway, it is the effort that counts, right?  Of the 300 pictures he took, only a few were really interesting.  This one caught my attention.

This is Luis and he was Franco’s driver throughout his stay there. He is almost as cute as my husband, noh?  Hehe. I wonder if most El Salvadorean drivers look this good.

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