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Excited for Summer

My holiday to-do list is long, sooo long. For one, we haven’t put up our tree yet. I have not even started or even thinking about Christmas gift shopping. There is a lot of things that I want to do now. One of them is to just lay down in my bed. Two, I just want to get all giddy with excitement over my summer project.

Spending four summers in UP Diliman ( I did not have back subjects by the way) made me associate April and May with sunflowers, fire trees and the tiny yellow flowers that cover the sidewalks of the business admin building. Unfortunately, we don’t have a space for huge trees. And I don’t have the patience to wait for years until they flower. So for now, I will just be picking  sunflowers every summer.

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4 thoughts on “Excited for Summer

  1. How are the sunflowers mommy maqui? I also love them! Where are you growing them? Hope I can grow them here in LB!

    1. you know what? some demonic animal or insect ate the leaves! Grrrr!! Kainis talaga! We decided to put the last seedling standing in a pot so we can protect it from evil. Although, yun mga nakalbong halaman, baka nagsurive naman. I just haven’t checked again.

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