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Christmas Ornaments from El Sal

My husband is great at a lot of things. He is great leader. He is a martial arts black belt. He is everybody’s friend. However, gift giving is not one of his forte.

I asked him to get me El Salvadorean ornaments from his business trip. I told him I want something that would remind us of the 3 week separation. Look what he brought home for me.

I am sure El Salvadoreans are more creative than this.

Look what we have here. Christmas lights………. made in China!

He probably realized that the ornament and the non-ornament he got me  aren’t exactly El Salvadorean so in the airport, he got me this from one of the stalls. It not an ornament but it does make a nice souvenir.

Thanks, Veyve! What you gave aren’t what I was expecting but knowing you, I really appreciate your effort to look for  something nice to bring home.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments from El Sal

  1. i took the position being offered to Franco as “Nest mngr” (prang mngr ng pugad lng) when he decided to go to Ops. unfortunately, things didn’t turn out well. I resigned before pko mbgyan ng tl post.
    Inlab na inlab sayo ang lolo Franco pag nkikita kmi ikaw pinaguusapan nmin.

  2. Knowing Franco.. Hehehe.
    He is a great leader. I remember crying to him once about training, kulang nlng batukan niya ako at bkit ko daw iniiyakan ang isang bagay na wala nmn kwenta. For some reason, may natago akong paper from him while we was still part of the Training team. I’ll look for it and pagnahanap ko sa baul, i-send ko sayo 🙂

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