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Our Daddy is Home!

After 3 weeks and a half, Franco is home! He arrived last Tuesday midnight. Aki and I slept in the sofa so we can welcome him as soon as he arrived. Because we missed him soooooo much, I prepared some surprises to make the homecoming a little more special. Heck, I even wore a sexy mini dress.

In the garage I wrote a welcome note.

In the dining table, we served his favorite Filipino food.

Different kinds of longganiza served with vinegar, and dulong

Chicken and pork adobo

Siomai and Lumpiang gulay and Chorizo rice

I had another surprise but I can’t blog about it here.

Welcome home, dadeh chey chey! Alas, our family of three is complete!

8 thoughts on “Our Daddy is Home!

  1. Hi maqui. You are so creative. I bet your hubby was so happy when he saw your surprises. Btw, you look a lot like my classmate in UPLB before. Are you related to Jana?

      1. Hi Maqui, I’m from Victoria. Blocmates kami ni Jana, magkamukha talaga kayo. Nakakatuwa 🙂

        I’m a frequent visitor here and enjoys reading your posts, very creative – very unlike me. Heheh. Please send my regards to Jana too 🙂

        1. i enjoy reading your blog too!
          naku, wait ka lang, when your kid gets a little older, you will be forced to be more creative. not just in making crafts but also in making him do things

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