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Swimming @ Casa Buena Suerte Resort

Growing up in Elbi and in Calamba means attending swimming parties left and right. It was fun when I was still little, but when I reached my tweens, I decided that I have had too much exposure to chlorine. I hated the small bathrooms which seemed to be the standard in all Pansol resorts.  I hated that my hands got wrinkly. And most of all, I started to hate swimming when I realized that I don’t get tanned. I get gray-ed!  And it is takes forever before the gray tint goes away.

All these changed when I became a mother to a water loving boy. Ooops, correction, not all. I still hate the  insy winsy Pansol bathrooms with toilet flushes that do not work. 

Aki loves the pool. When he had his first official swimming last Father’s day, he kept asking to be lift out of the water. Why? So he could run towards it and make a splash! Not a really great idea when you don’t have any floating device on the kid. Oh, I did bring an inflatable duck that has been sitting in my bodega ever since Aki was an infant. I found out on that trip that it was a bathtub. On the belly side of the duck it says, in large print, NOT TO BE USED AS A FLOATING DEVICE. 

So for our family reunion, I came ready. I bought the smallest life jacket, arm floaters and a small ring.  We learned that the best way to keep him happily  and safely afloat was by using both ring and arm floaters at the same time.

Aki loved swimming so much that when I left him with his daddy for a few minutes to get his swim diapers,  I went back and saw a skinny dipping baby!

 Aside from  swimming, Aki also enjoyed bonding with his cousins. We often get to see Jyl, Rock, Joaquin and Tosi. Last month, the whole gang was complete.  All 12 Philippine-based pamangkins were present.  How we wish, my nephews in Perth and in London and my nieces in Calgary were there to join the royal rumble.

In our family, girls are out-numbered, 2 pretty little ladies to 10 rowdy boys.

And look, my first nephews are all grown up now! Pen-pen, I don’t know what is his nickname in school is, is now a 18 years old 6-footer,  and has a girlfriend. His lola, my Tita Liling, has five daughters  and zero boys. Imagine how thrilled they were when Pen-pen was born. When Pen-pen and his GF celebrated their first anniversary last month, his aunts chipped in to make the celebration a night to remember. One bought flowers. One gave extra money. I think one of my ate’s even drove them to their date place. Had I been there, I would had help Pen-pen make a cheesy cheesy love letter. haha.  I wonder how our family would chip in when it is Aki’s turn to celebrate a first anniversary?

Just in case you are looking for a resort, I highly recommend Casa Buena Suerte.

These are the ammenities that I copied from the site:

Our amenities include:
1.) 2 Hot Spring Pools (Family & Kiddie Pool)
2.) Free use of jacuzzi for one hour (succeeding hours will be charged accordingly)
3.) 4 Fully-Airconditioned rooms each w/ its OWN bathroom & toilet
4.)  Videoke Machine
5.)  Multi-Purpose Hall
6.)  Gazebo
7.)  Fully-Fitted Kitchen (includes a fridge, gas stove, barbeque grill & water dispenser)
8.)  Badminton Court (please bring own rackets)
9.)  Dart Board
10.)  Parking Area (inside the complex) that can fit 6 long vehicles
11.) Extra Beddings (*upon request)

It is new and well-maintained. I love the landscaping! I appreciate that each room is color coded and that the care taker makes an effort to  match the beddings with the color of the walls. There were more than enough  rails to hang wet towels and clothes. Most of all I love that each room has it is own bathroom with working toilet flushes!

The rate is 9K for 12 hours and 12K for 24 hours. For more info, call 09175019899.

3 thoughts on “Swimming @ Casa Buena Suerte Resort

  1. oh, i miss the LB and Pansol resorts! dati every Sem break we go for an overnight swimming. ang saya! i’d like to bring Dade there this December. we’ll visit LB kasi and we’ll have him run sa field 🙂

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