Memoirs of a Mummy

A Pizza Party

I have been looking forward to Halloween even when Aki was still inside my tummy. I have been hoping to get the crown from my officemate who have been winning the best costume award for her daughter for 5 straight years. In fact, I have had sketches of Aki’s first costume even before he was born.  Unfortunately, he has yet to attend our office Halloween party or any Halloween party for that matter. October is a busy month for me because it is Aki’s birthday month. It is also the month when we often have balikbayans on both sides of my family. Last month was especially crazy for me because of the sudden departure of Cheryl and Franco’s business trip.

This year we finally got to celebrate celebrate Halloween but in a  non-Halloween way with 3 non-halloween activities. One of them is the pizza party/contest

My sister and I prepared the toppings:

 Store-bought pizza sauce, ham, sauteed mushroom slices, onions, pineapple, meat sauce (left over from Aki’s party, it was frozen right after the birthday party btw), white sauce (left over from my sister’s lasagna), 3 types of cheese (parmesan, mozzarella and processed chedar)

We gave each kid a half pizza and let them top away


After they were done, we asked each kid to name their pizza.  We baked the pizza for 10 minutes and voila! Yummy homemade pizza! 

Jyl’s Pizza – Jyliana Extravaganza


Rocky’s Pizza

Our winner,  Joaquin’s ultra cheesy pizza!

Tosi’s Pizza



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