Mrs. Monologues

Sticky Love Notes from 20 Million Miles Away

When I was packing my hubby’s clothes for his business trip in El Salvadaor, I sneaked these short but sweet love notes into the pockets of his clothes.

I wanted to make more and longer love notes but it was difficult to be discreet because hubby was only 3 meters away.


4 thoughts on “Sticky Love Notes from 20 Million Miles Away

  1. so sweet naman Maqui! makopya nga. (hahaha kahit di naman aalis si Tibs papuntang malayong lugar). Yung sticky notes sa house usually kasi we do for Maia. Para when she learns to write we can exchange notes. Para din to make sure we communicate all the the time 🙂

    1. That is sweet! Gayahin ko yan when Aki is bigger. Meron akong nabasang idea some weeks ago. Yun mom and herdaughters, may shared journal sila. They write and answer questions. cute!

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