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Bayog, My Beautiful

I have posted before that growing up, I was somewhat ashamed to be living in our fishing  village, Bayog. Fast forward 20 years later, there is no other place more relaxing to me than the beautiful barrio I grew up in.

There are so many things that I have come to appreciate about Bayog.

Whenever there is a typhoon, especially if it is major one, we can always always expect to eat bangus for one week. The winds cause the fish pens to fall apart, causing bangus overload in our shores. I remember when I was young,  there were so many excess bangus that the fishermen were already giving us their catch for free!

I am not sure if the Nestle caritos have reached our barangay. What I know is that binatog vendors riding bikes are always in business.

The elders have silly nicknames like Daga and Uling.  My guess is that those were nicknames that stuck until they got old. My greatgrandfather is Tatang Gata which is why sometimes I hear that we are referred to as  “lahi ng mga gata”l

When I go home again, hopefully next month, my project is to learn how to cook “Sinigang sa Bayabas na Tinapa  na may Gata”.

Let me end by sharing  pictures of the most common plant in our baranggay:

4 thoughts on “Bayog, My Beautiful

  1. Honestly, I laughed when I first heard of your village’s name. Sinong hinde, e diba katunog ng.. heheh. Kidding aside, talagang no place like home, especially yang inyo na mukang sobrang peaceful.. at sagana sa bangus! I likey! 😀

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