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Our Family Birthday Traditions

Before my momnesia gets worse, let me list down the birthday traditions that we started this year. 
1. Reminisce the past birthday celebrations. On the eve of Aki’s birthday, we looked at his baby and first birthday pictures. This year, I only had an album and a DVD of pictures to show him. I am planning to start a birthday scrapbook where pictures of celebration highlights and annual birthday tradition activities will be posted.
2. The birthday crown. Of the many DIY’s I did this year, this is my favorite. It was easy to make. My son loves it. And most of all, this will surely be part of family for many year to come.
3. The birthday cupcake ceremony in bed
4. Spider web and the first gift
. Promise, next year, I will give him a real proper gift.
5. Mass and birthday blessing from the priest
6. The date in Jollibee afterwards
7. Lots and lots of attention and bonding moments throughout the day.
Here is my hubby serenading our birthday boy who was serenading him back. Franco and I filed a leave so we can spend the whole day with the love of our life. If only Aki’s birthday does ot fall on the exam/hell week of the second quarter/first semester, it would be fine by me if he does not go to school on his birthday.

8. Annual drawing

9. Marking of his height. This one  proved  to be more difficult than expected. I got different heights in all three times that I attempted to this. Based on the tallest height that I got, he will grow up to be 5’10 and half.
10. Annual standard photo.
11. The birthday love letter.  I hate writing by hand but because I love Aki, I am going to personally write my love letters on pretty stationery. This will also be included in the birthday scrapbook.
12. Birthday interview. Aki talks a lot now but he is not yet conversational. I limited the questions to simple ones which he can easily answer.  Aki, one plus one? Two  times one?  Two minus zero? How old are you?!!  Nowadays, it is so easy to make a video and share it with friends. I can’t imagine how video taking and sharing would get better in the coming years. When Aki gets older, we will ask him more complicated questions like, what is your favorite food?  Or what do you plan to achieve in the next couple of months?

13. Handmade birthday cards.  This was an out of the blue idea. I only got to bully ask  officemates. Hopefully next year, I can get family and friends ( including online friends like you!) to make cards for my boy.  Although Aki did not seem to mind when I was reading the messages to him a day after his birthday, he truly enjoyed inspecting each one of the cards. His favorite was the car shaped card that my boss made. I got teary eyed reading the messages because I again realized how loved my boy is.


 Hopefully next year, we can start doing this
1. Decorate the room before the party boy wakes up. Would not it be nice to see colorful banderitas first thing in the morning? Balloons are good idea too but I have yet to master how tie the opening of an inflated balloon.
2. Birthday Scrapbook. This year we only reminsed by looking at Aki’s  baby pictures. I have now have 11 months to make a birthday scrapbook. I think looking at the pictures of the past birthday celebrations on the eve of every birthday would make kids look forward to the next day.
3. Birthday Breakfast. I wanted to do this this year but Aki kept me up until 3AM. Oh yeah, 3AM! It was as if he knew it was his big day. Anyhoo, my plan was to make colorful H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y-A-K-I pancakes in orange and blue. I made a post on how to make alphabet pancakes here.

4. Birthday shirt with his age printed on it.
5. End the day with a gift. Remember, we started the day with our gift which was a bunch, not a bunch actually just 5 pieces of bananas. I think a sweet way to cap the night after reading the handmade greeting cards, would be  by giving another gift! We weren’t ablet o do this this year, because as mentioned in my post, Aki and I were both snoring when we got home. And two, I forgot to get him a gift. In my defense, I have been working on a cardboard box toy for weeks… mentally.

Do you love traditions too? Please share if you have family birthday traditions. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Our Family Birthday Traditions

  1. loved the whole series re: Aki’s birthday. 🙂 galing! and congrats sis! 🙂 on birthday traditions, yung birthday letter di ko nagawa last year. hopefully magawa ko this year. but then you gave me a lot of ideas for the tradition. thanks for sharing sis! 🙂

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