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Family Field Trip: Koi Village Pet Mall

Because Aki has a thing now for fishes, we celebrated his birthday by going to Koi Village. I learned about the place, by the way, from Fleur’s site. We have been passing by  this koi store ever since we changed pedias but it never occurred to us to check the place out.

Anywoot, for 20 bucks, we got a bottle full of fish food pellets. One bottle is definitely more than enough to feed at least 10 mini ponds. The fishes are segregated based on size. The smallest cost 200 bucks. The biggest and most expensive ones were priced at a whopping 150K. if I had 150K, I would go to Europe or maybe have our house repainted. I would certainly not spend it on a single fish. 

I am not an animal lover but if I have to have a pet to save my life and I had a lot of money and we have an abundance of water here in Paranaque, I might consider getting  koi fishes. It is always relaxing to watch them swim gracefully and definitely exciting when they go gaga over fish food.

Well, I don’t have money and space to build a pond and water in our side of the metro is still a precious commodity. Getting koi fishes is therefore not a good idea. And may I add, that we have had goldfishes twice. The first was from Manila Zoo. The second was from Lost Eden. Both sets of fish died and became fertilizers in less than 10 days.

Little did I know, that my husband has been researching on koi fishes  for weeks and that he is convinced that we are meant to be koi owners. When my husband is set on doing something, there is really no stopping him. Because we don’t have a pond, can you guess where we put the fish?

In a batcha!

And can you guess who else is excited aside from Aki and my husband?


Koi Village is located at Paseo de Magallanes in Makati. They are open even on weekends. The place is covered and there was no sign of mosquitos. I think the best time to go there is in the morning or late afternoon when the sun not up.  Oh, and make sure you ask the staff to turn on the giant electric fans. We were sweating like pigs when we were there. I only noticed that only one of the many ceiling fans was turned on when we were about to leave.

4 thoughts on “Family Field Trip: Koi Village Pet Mall

  1. is this near the mcdo where we’ll have the xmas party? if it is, we might check it out para sulit na sulit ang byahe namin. 😉 kami pala ni hubby, we dream of having a koi pond in our future home.

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