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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Awww so Sweet

Yey! This is the last of my Letter A birthday party series!

First of all, I would like to say super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super Thank You!!! to Leslie for lending me her beautiful plates for our dessert table.

It would have been ideal if we only served sweets starting with letter A. That was the initial plan. After scanning my cookbooks and a trip to the grocery, I had to give up that sweet idea. There just aren’t a lot of desserts that start with letter A. I then decided to go with our motif, blue and orange. And this is how it turned out.

Here is our letter A cake. Aren’t cake buntings the cutest thing? That was the fastest DIY project ever. I came out of the bathroom feeling inspired. With a towel wrapped around my still wet body, I made the bunting in 5 minutes.

I really wanted to make the cake and cupcakes myself but I had to be practical so I ordered from Kalea’s Confection. It is our third time to order and we are definetely gonna order again. Actually, it was supposed to be an orange and blue velvet cake but the orange batter came out too dark. I did not mind that minor boo boo so much since the cake was yummy and the price and convenience were hard to beat.


Mini cupcakes in blue, orange and white butter cream.

We bought blue and orange treats from Duty Free. We got Reese’s, Time-out, Loacker’s, cookies and cream and caramel Kisses,and gummy orange slices.

In Elbi, whenever there is an occassion, we always got to have kakanins. My mom insisted on bring some to the party. She ordered blue sapin sapin and orange kalamay.

The unexpected hit of the day though were the blue gelatins that I made. It is always heartwarming when guests choose homemade over bought items. Me so happy! Tos, Jyl and Rock loved my gelatins so much that they asked if they can bring some home. In case you are wondering, I used one small pack of gelatin powder from Mr Gulaman in Lychee flavor. I added sugar and several drops of blue and green food coloring to achieve the taste and look that I wanted. It was the easiest dessert. I was done in 10 minutes and ready to serve in 30.
To counter the sweetness, I also served Planter’s cheese balls in blue cups.

Aaaaaand, that’s a wrap! Whew!

Now before I start planning the next party, let me just summarize the people who made this party successful

My sis Jana for taking care of my design and printing needs and for the pastas.
Cheryl for helping me make and put up  banderitas, zigzag hangings and pompoms
Tita Ming for the sweets from Duty Free
My mom for the aquaculture tilapia and atchara
My mother in law for the asado Pampanga
My sister in law Mae for map for the treasure hunt, and letter A’s for the photobooth and monogram pillows
Leslie for the serving plates

Studio 2716 for our A for amazing photos
Kalea’s Confection for our cake and cupcakes
Aki’s godmother Binky for the blue party shirt

I hope I did not miss anyone.

Til the next party.

A is for Asta Lavista!

9 thoughts on “{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Awww so Sweet

  1. Wow Maqui!
    Your DIYs are so inspiring! Nakakatuwa rin na you decided to have a small group lang for the party. Hope I can do something like this for my little boy’s 1st birthday. 🙂

  2. Hi sis! Happy birthday Aki! Great party sis!:) galing mo at napaka creative. 🙂 sana ako din haha my daughter is turning 2 and i’ m planning a diy party din!:) btw, where did u buy the containers( the tall one) in your candy buffet table?:) made of plastic ba cya? Thanks soo much!

    1. Hi She! Your email add is familiar. Batchmates ata tayo sa W@W. The container is made of plastic. Libre lang siya sa isang chocolate. The rest are sosy looking glasses that actually cost 20 bucks and below in Uniwide. 🙂
      Looking forward to the birthday pics of your daughter. Advance happy bday to her!

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