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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Arigato


Initially, I wanted fill a loot bag of cute items that start with letter A such as apple, arrow stickers, aprons etc. Bad me, I procrastinated for months and only went on full gear 3 weeks before the party. Because I did not have time to shop for  letter A items and assemble loot bags, we decided to give out something very dear to Aki – fishies!! Because our motif is blue and orange, we got blue, blue violet, orange and orange red fighting fish.

Aki loved the giveaways and even protested when the guests started taking home their new pets.

We bought the fish on the morning of the party. we went to three pet shops in our area to complete the dozen that we need. Fighting fishes are a good choice for giveawys. They are affordable. They don’t need aerators unlike goldfishes. And most of all, they are very relaxing to look  at because of their long elegant fins.


We are so giving away more of these come Christmas!

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