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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Activities

What is a party without games, right?

I prepared three activities to keep the kids busy.

The first was the letter A treasure hunt. We had a map and 2 dozens of letter A’s hidden inside and around the house.


Jyl always always wins treasure hunts


While the big kids were searching, Aki was busy checking if the props for the next games were working.


For the next game,  kids were given blind folds and one colored chalk each. They were asked to write as many letter A’s as they could.


With 30 letter A’s, Tosi was our winner.


The last game was non-competitive so Aki can join in the fun. These snake bubbles cost only 11 pesos per set. Since it is my party, I renamed this activity, Anaconda Bubbles! Hehe.



The kids had so much fun that the winners forgot to ask for their prizes. Good for me! I did not have time to shop for prizes, so in line with our blue and orange motif, I prepare crisp orange bill aka bente pesos! Hehe. Sorry, I could not afford to give a way blue one thousand bills.  😛

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