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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Adornment aka Party Decors

aka Orange and Blue, I love you!

I really wanted an intimate handmade party for Aki’s second birthday. I wanted to do make the menu, plan activities and most of all, do the decors.  Hubb,l on the other hand,  wanted  big party. For democracy’s sake, I checked out the nearest Jollibee branch. Fastfood parties are easier to plan. Less hassle for the party mom because you can get everything in-house. However, having your party outside your house means you have to follow someone else’s rules.  When they the Jollibee party personnel told me that they won’t let me hang handmade banderitas and pom poms,I realized that  I do want to go thru the hassle and stress of planning a  party from scratch.

Speaking fo scratch, the cost of the materials for the decors was 160 bucks plus another 100 for the pictures, but to me the outcome was priceless!

Orange and blue Ikea curtain.  My aunt gave it me back in 2007.  Back then, I thought the color and the print were so weird. 

 On the left side of the picture are long orange and blue zigzags that were hung above the food.


Orange and blue banderitas with pictures of  newborn, one year old and two year old Aki, in the living room.

Happy Birthday greeting above the dessert table.

My handmade monogram orange and blue pillows

I gathered Aki’s orange and blue toys and used them as decors.

My tita from London bought this moose from Ikea from 0.5 pounds! She said it was on sale because was a  bit dusty. After a quick bath in her washing machine, voila, the perfect toy for our orange and blue party for only 30 pesos!

To make the entrance a little cheery, I placed a pompom with one side flattened on the door.

I have said it already and I will say it again, Orange and Blue, I love you!

5 thoughts on “{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Adornment aka Party Decors

  1. Ang ganda ganda ng party ni Aki!

    Kinda makes me feel sorta guilty about not giving a party for my son’s 2nd bday – alanganin kasi ako eh because his bday falls days before Christmas and there won’t be a lot of guests (we have no family here in NJ and a lot of our friends will be away for Christmas). Sa yo pala ako dapat nagtatanong or kumukuha ng ideas *smile*.

    1. Hehe. Thanks!
      Maybe you can still have a small party. Even if it just the three of you. If Sean is like Aki, kahit candle blowing lang, super enjoy na siya. Or maybe you can also have simple party in his day care.
      Advance happy birthday, sean!

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