Packing Ala Martha Stewart

Anytime now, my husband will be waking up. He will wer his jogging short and shoes and run run run in the threadmill for an hour. He will later replenish the burned calories by eating his buffet breakfast in Intercontinental Hotel , wait for it, El Salvador! He left last week and won’t be coming back until the third week of November.

Anywoot, one of the last things I did for hubby was packing his suitcase.  I love it when my hubby appreciates my obsessive compulsive tendencies.  I got these techniques from one of of my Martha Stewart magazines.

Rolling according to Martha will minimize the creases.

All the chargers are kept in a see through case.

Shoes were placed inside  drawstring  bags.

Because  all luggages look alike when they are in the giant roller, I tied NEO fuzzy wires so hubs can identify his suitcase easily.

Now if only I remembered to pack his toothbrush.

Uwi na, be!


14 thoughts on “Packing Ala Martha Stewart

  1. na-hand carry yung wires ‘cos kasama ng gadgets. if they see lots in just one bag, they will ask you to open your luggage. same with batteries also for cameras, etc. so we always spread them. it also pays that you know what items are packed in your luggage and where they are located. lalo na sa certain first world countries, super duper higpit nila.

  2. We roll our clothes also when we pack them in the luggage. Effective naman & saves a lot of space also 🙂 Undies and socks are also packed in separate drawstring bags and we always keep a pair in the hand carry just in case the luggage gets lost 😛 But for chargers, etc, we don’t pack them all in one bag. Kasi there’s always a risk na pabuksan ang luggage if there are lots wires together. Learned this the hard way (hassle!!).

    Pag-uwi ni hubby ano kayang pasalubong kay Misis na super bait na nag-pack ng luggage nya? 😀

    • thanks for the tip on the wires! Katakot naman kung ipapacheck nila. Did you check in your wires or hand carry nung nasita kayo?
      Ang hiniling ko lang kay hubby ay magnet at el salvadorean spices and japanese kitkat from narita airport. siguro naman di niya makakalimutan

      • sis, I have a friend who I think was able to buy Wasabi Kitkat from here. Request kasi ng preggy wife niya na friend ko rin. I’ll ask kung dito nga ba talaga sa Pinas nabili o sinuwerteng may umuwi from Japan, hehe.. 🙂

        • Please, sis. Paki ask ha. matagal na kase ako naghahanap. Hubby promised to get some from Japan but for sure mauubos agad yun! The only ones that i see here are dark chocolate, mint and orange.

  3. Rolling my clothes never worked for me, they came out wrinkled anyway, I prefer packing cubes (which, by the way, ang dami dami nang nagbebenta na multiply sellers sa Pilipinas… makabili nga pag umuwi ako next time).

    Love the idea of fuzzy wires as luggage markers – I’ve never seen them on luggages yet.

    sa W@w, benz posted luggage straps that had their surname embroidered… that, I like. I’ve always secured my bags with luggage straps kasi because I fill them up to the brim (translation: namumutok sa puno) and scared ako na bumigay ang zipper sa airport at doon pa ako mamumulot.

    Hope your hubby has a safe & successful trip,… you & Aki keep safe 🙂

  4. Those neo fuzzy wires are a good idea ha. Especially since everyone uses those cloth ribbons now to identify their suitcases so pare parehas rin ang hitsura hahaha.

    Have you seen those tags where you can have your names embossed? I want those for our luggage!

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