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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Appetizing!

In line with our Letter A theme, all the appetizing foods that we served start with the letter A.

Oh yes, I did research on the different varieties of rice. 🙂

Andoks Manok

Asado Pampanga

Some items on the menu do not really start with the  letter A but I found a way to include them.

Enter Aquaculture Tilapia  served with Atchara. check out the Letter A slits.

Aki’s Fave Pasta which is the failed version of my meatballs and marinara pasta. In my defense, I wanted to make amatriciana or arrabiata sauce. My mom convinced me to stick with recipes that I already know by heart since I only had Cheryl to help me out in the  kitchen.

We had pasta overload because my sister surprised me by bringing two pasta dishes.

Aglio Olio Chorizo. I forget to include this in the menu



Alfredo Ala Helio

Here is the first DIY project that Cheryl and I did. Plastic Utensils in Orange Napkins


Photos c/o Studio 2716

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    1. Haha. Di naman. Thanks, Faye!
      Uy, by the way, I think my tech issues sa blog mo. I dont know kung ako lang, pero i havebeen wanting to post a comment pero laging di lumulusot. After typing, walang button to send the comment.

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