Mrs. Monologues


Before Cheryl left, I asked her to prepare the house for our impending departure. Whenever, we do not have helpers, our family of three migrates to my in laws’ house.

Aki’s colorful playroom became depressing.

Our things were packed already when my mom told me the good news that she found someone for us.   Our new helper is Lotlot.  We liked her right away because she smiles a lot. She needs to earn a living. She lives near my mom’s house so we can hunt her down if she does something bad.  She has a valid police clearance and medical exam results.  Yey! We didn’t even had to transfer to my in laws’ because she was available to start AZAP!

However, yey soon became ney. She is been with us for less than 10 days and I think I already have so many stories to blog about her.

Let us start with this one.

Last Thursday, I was packing my husband’s clothes for his business trip.  I took out several tops so he can decide which one he wanted to bring. After he has chosen his top 7, I called Lotlot who was in room across ours.  The doors of both our rooms were open.  My house is incy wincy. No need to shout if you want to be heard in the next room. Aloud I  just said, ” Lotlot, itong mga damit ni Franco paki kuha na”. (Franco’s office tops are hanged in the cabinet in the Japanese slash guest slash helper’s room.

Five minutes passed and she has not came to get the clothes.  I did not mind since I was busy packing and stopping Aki from unpacking Franco’s clothes. After I rolled the shirts and put them in the luggage, I called Lotlot again so she can remove the clothes that Franco would not be bringing. I needed her to remove the shirts so I can have see which of the other items lying on the floor, do I need to pack.  I continued packing while waiting for her.  

Five minutes. 10 minutes. 15. She is 4 steps away and she has not yet arrived. I finished cleaning the room and called her for the last time. I was starting to get irritated. My voice was a little louder than usual to make sure she would hear me.  Still no answer. 

I just read books to my sleepy boy.  I think we only read 3 that night.  When Aki was already sleeping, I picked up the clothes and brought them to Lotlot’s room myself. She was fixing her bed. I told her ” Itong mga damit, paki lagay diyan sa cabinet”.  I left  the clothes on her sofa bed.


I went to Aki’s room to pack his clothes for our mini-vacay in Elbi. As I was  searching for the swim diapers, Lotlot popped into the room and asked ” Ito bagang mga damit ni Prangko, eh, paplantsahin ko?”


The next time I am hiring a helper, I will include a hearing test in the pre-employment requirements.

After I had packed Aki’s clothes, I checked her if the clothes have already been put in the cabinet.





She was ironing them. 



8 thoughts on “Haaaayyyy…Lotlot

  1. haaay, sis! finding a good help nowadays is really hard! most of the time, imbes na makatulong, they add stress pa to your life. kundi lang talaga kelangan… haaaaay! when we asked santa for a helper, dapat ata specific — good, reliable and trustworthy helper! 🙂

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