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The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

The idea is simple. The birthday kid has his picture taken in the same place or doing the same thing every year. I did not expect it would be that difficult but it was. It really was. Until now, I don’t know which set-up will we carry on annually. Maybe we will try to replicate all shots until Aki becomes cooperative.

These are what we tried

Back-to-back picture with Dadeh —>Fail

Back against the grills  —> Major Fail

Wearing Dadeh’s Wedding Barong —> Major Fail but I really think this is cute.  The expression on his face gives the picture a story.

Topless against a blank wall —> So-so. This is the best among 30+ shots in my camera. He would not let go of the swim diapers. I am liking the topless idea for boys because I would not have to pressure myself to look for the same type of shirt every year.

Topless shot on top of the stairs and on the 9th step —> another so-so because both shots are pure “chamba”

The last and the least possible to replicate next year, a silhouette shot.




Hopefully next year, Aki can finally stay still for the camera.

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