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Aki’s Action-Packed Birthday Celebration

Photo-heavy post ahead!

After the cupcake ceremony in bed, we continued to celebrate Aki’s birthday. One word that immediately comes to mind is Action-packed! I had some traditions in mind to close the day but even before we reached home, both Aki and I were already pooped tired and asleep in our daddy’s van.

So what did we do?

We went to church just like what we did last year. Unlike last year though when Aki sat on our laps quietly, this year, Aki kept shouting, in an ascending volume ” dede, Dede, DEDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. He refused to stay inside the church and kept dragging our hand to the koi fish pond.  After the mass, we went to a room behind the altar and asked the priest to bless our birthday boy.

After mass, again like last year, we went straight to Aki’s favorite restaurant, Jollibee! He ate his spaghetti with gusto and devoured his sundae as if there is no tomorrow.

enjoying the last drops of his strawberry sundae

By the time we were done eating, it was already  4:30PM. Aki was sleepy but I begged him to stay awake for a few minutes because we have another surprise for him.

Our surprise? A visit to Koi Village!

Our birthday boy had a blast feeding the fishes.

More about Koi Village in my next post.

After Aki napped, we dressed him up again for the last leg of the celebration – my sister in law’s pamamanhikan. We ate in in Legend in Pasay. Aki enjoyed the aquariums, flirting with Sophie who is a couple of weeks older than him, chasing other kids and eating pork asado slices, pumpkin egg soup andat least 15 pieces of kropek!



Whatta day! Even just blogging about it got me tired. Good thing birthdays only come once a year.

Happy birthday again, Akingkongking!

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