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Aki’s Birthday Celebration in Bed

I am sucker for traditions, routines and rituals. For Aki’s second birthday, I was determined to incorporate as many traditions as I can. One of the traditions we started this year is the birthday greeting in bed.

While our birthday boy was sleeping,  I prepared the materials for our simple surprise.

The crown, party hats,  noise makes,  foam animals turned confetti,

and of course, a birthday cupcake!

As soon as Aki opened his eyes, we put on our party hats, lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday! He was still half -asleep when we started singing. I might have thought his parents were rude for singing loudly when he still wanted to catch some zzzz’s. His face lit up though as soon as he realized that there was a candle for him to blow. I think we sang at least 4 happy birthday songs because he kept requesting for one more blow.

Before heading for the door where another surprise was waiting, we had to have a family super hug and a family super kiss.

We opened the door for the next leg of the surprise.  I made this spider web out of crepe paper strips. Ienvisioned that he’d tear down the web like  a crazy wrestler. He was confused at first. I had to show him that there is a something in the hall. He carefully removed the web and ran for his gift.

Can you see our gift? Haha!

There I was  in the tricycle terminal station at 9PM on the eve of Aki’s birthday. I was holding two bags filled with materials  for the crown, stuff for the party and paraphernalia for the birthday morning surprise. It was only then did I realized that we don’t have a gift for our birthday boy! SM Bicutan was already closed. The only item in the terminal that I thought Aki would like were the bananas. Too bad for me, I was not even able to buy a whole “piguing”. The fruit stand only had five bananas left.

Aki loved his gift and immediately hugged it.


And because it was his birthday, we let him eat his cupcake in his pajamas in the hallway. Yum!

Happy birthday,  little gorilla!

9 thoughts on “Aki’s Birthday Celebration in Bed

  1. Ayyy gagauahin ko itong spiderweb mo ha 🙂

    Saging talaga! Lol

    -benz <– still reading its 4:50am now!

  2. i love the spiderweb! 🙂 and the bday boy devouring his bday cupcake! in my book, panalo talaga simple bday celebrations like this! happy birthday again Aki! next year mag joint bday celeb kayo ni Maia sa McDo. libre nyo isat-isa ng sundae. hihi

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