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When your yaya tells you that she’s leaving in two days..

Warning: long post ahead. I wrote this yesterday.
What do you do?
I have a lot of happy posts lined up. I am excited to blog about them. I just don’t have the time and energy yet.
The drafts are half finished in my head. I usually mental blog during the commute  to and from work. Let me list them down so I won’t forget. I will be blogging about
– our trip to a secret zoo/park in the heart of Paranaque
– how we finally got Aki to brush his teeth
– our ritual on how to cure boo boos
– the most effective family planning method
– the new games that we like to play
– more “This toddler can”… tidbits
– a yummy and healthy way to practice fine motor skills
– the birthday traditions we started this year
– the super fun morning of Aki’s actual birthday
– the action packed whole day birthday celebration we had last Oct 12
– Aki’s letter A themed intimate birthday party last Sunday
– my reflections on the mother I was and the mother I am now
Whew! When will I have the time?

For now, let’s go back to my first question, shall we?
So what do you do when your yaya tells you that she is leaving in two days.
Apparently, Cheryl’s  pregnant sister in Bacolod has been bugging her to come home and help her. Her sister is due to give birth  on December and has been finiding her second pregnancy difficult. The sister’s first child is months younger that Aki. I understand how difficult the situation is but I am no charity institution.  Manang mentioned  this to me in passing before she left. When I confronted Cheryl months ago if she has plans of leaving soon, she said she would be staying because she wants to save and she is enjoying her stay because she is learning a lot.  I was planning to get a second househelp but she said there is no need because she can handle the job all by herself. FYI, Aki stays with my in laws while she is busy with household chores. By 10AM, she is done already.
Last October 12, oh yes on Aki’s very birthday while I was on a birthday high, she told me that I should look for a replacement already. She said she wants to rest and her sister is asking her to come home. She said she will be leaving on Oct 24. I was stunned. This was when I was dressing up Aki at 10AM. Imagine, I had a great day planned, only to be ruined by bad news that couldn’t wait. I told her that she really needs to render 30 days  like what we agreed upon when I hired her. I told her that I don’t want to ruin my mood so I will talk to her after the party.
Five days passed. Nothing changed with how she does her work and how we treated her.
Last night, when I was waiting for the right timing,  she suddenly blurted that she will be leaving in two days. God! Two days!  I can’t even prepare the house for our departure in 48 hours. She added that her sister already bought her tickets.
I tried to appeal to her emotions by telling her we can’t afford her to leave just like that. I told her that she is the owner of her feet.  The decision to leave and when to leave would be hers  alone. I reminded her how we accepted her even if she was not yet finished with her police clearance and medical exams because she had no place to sleep.  I remind her of her progress, not just with Aki but also in cooking, and gardening. I told her that I am not buying the I-need-rest crap ( Okay, I said that in the nicest way I can)  because she keeps trimming the grass even if I have been telling her every other day that  the grass is not part of her job description.  Aki then got cranky and wanted to go to the room so I told her that she needs to render 30 days and that we will discuss again the next day.
As soon as I got in our room, I sent panic-ky text messages to my mom, sister, aunts, husband and Manang.  Even though there were twenty million thoughts (For one, we just started weaning and time outs. Moving back my in laws will definitely affect our progress), I was able to sleep immediately. I woke up though at 1AM. I could not sleep so I just decided on my gameplan for our next talk. The very nice and understanding Ate Jamie persona did not seem to work so here is how I planned to make her stay. 
– threatening – I will file a police blotter against her for breach of contract.
– by force – I will tell the village guards not to let her leave
– give a fine – If you leave early, you will not get the salary for the days worked for this month
Now I know that I will not think of  strategies at 1 in the morning
At 6AM, I told  her that we need to talk again. I told her that I want to make sure that we are both clear on what is gonna happen next.  I asked her again if she will be leaving. She said yes because her sister already spent for her ticket. I told her not to think of the one thousand because I can buy her a ticket. She said her sister will get mad. I told her that there is no way to avoid getting someone angry. It is either her sister or I. I told her that I can’t afford to lose her so soon as I might lose my job if I go on unscheduled leaves (Not true by the way! :P)  Aki then woke up and Franco arrived from work. I told Cheryl that I will talk to her again in a bit.
In another corner of the house, I told Franco that  it looks like she is really leaving. Franco suggested that if she does not go thru the proper exit process, she should not be getting her last pay, similar to how it works for companies and corporations. I thought my idea was crazy but at that point, it made sense.  Franco actually wanted to let her go today. As in that very moment. I told her we can’t because she does not have a place to sleep.
I went back to Cheryl for the last leg of the negotiations. I told her that if she leaves soon,  I will not pay her her salary. I told her that that is how it works for companies. I told her to look around and look at the beautiful decors we made for Aki’s party. I told her I could not have done all those decors without her help. I asked her if is it really okay for her not to get paid for her hardwork.  She said ” Okay lang po Ate. Pasensya na po talaga. Kailangan lang ako ng ate ko”.  Then she started crying.  I found myself crying as well. Not really crying. Maybe two teardrops from each eyes. I just hugged her and told her it is okay if that is what she wants.
I went back to my husband to tell him the bad news.  Franco finally got to think straight which also made me think, really think without emotions and selfishness. It would be best to give Cheryl what is due to her. She is a good employee after all. Also, she might do something bad in her last days and hours in our house like hurt Aki or steal from us if she  doesn’t get her her last pay. Since I was running late for work, I let Franco play the role of good cop. He told her that we will pay her and that we are expecting the same level of hard work and dedication from her.
Some weeks ago, someone asked what I want for Christmas. I could not think of anything. Now I know what I want. I want a perfect yaya! Now!!!


8 thoughts on “When your yaya tells you that she’s leaving in two days..

  1. It is on days like this na napapaisip ako ok na din tata live in other countries with no helpers at least walang ganitong mga eksena 😦 haist!
    Kamusta helper mo now?

  2. hmmm… same dilemma here. sige, sabay tayo mag-wish ng yaya for christmas, para pag narinig ni santa, marealize nya na madami may kelangan nun, then he’ll try to find more! ^_^

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