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Aki’s Last Minute DIY Birthday Crown

Love is when you wake up at 6AM  to finish a birthday DIY even if your toddler only let you sleep at 3AM. I want to make birthdays special by incorporating as many birthday traditions  ( I will blog about those in a bit)  as I can. My hope is for this birthday crown to be part of our annual celebrations for many many years to come.

Days before Aki’s birthday, I did some research on birthday traditions. I came across the idea of  a having a birthday crown. I thought the idea was great. It can be used everytime there is a birthday to celebrate. Party hats made of paper are pretty but they meet their end as soon as the party is over. Plus, my son does not like the feel of elastic strings under his chin. However, because I already had more  DIY birthday projects  (will blog about those soon) than I can handle, I earmarked the project for next year. 

Funny, when I passed by the craft store in SM Makati, 3 hours and a half before Aki’s birthday, I suddenly got reminded that I have zero excuse not to make my boy’s birthday the next day the best birthday so far. He does not throw tantrums (at least when he is with me). He now brushes his teeth ( Oh yeah!).  This is the first birthday that he will truly enjoy. Last year, I was so busy at work, I came home on his birthday at 10PM to see him already sleeping. Now that I have the time and the creative energy, there is absolutely zero reason to be lazy.

Here are the materials

Felt Fabric
Sequins String

STEP 1: Measure the head of the sleeping birthday child. Don’t forget to have a lot of allowance!

STEP 2: Draw the crown and cut.

STEP 3: Decide on the lay out and stitch away.


More pictures to come of this birthday crown on the head of our king for 2 days  and forever actually!

Oh, by the way, this birthday crown was an easy peasy project. I stayed up late because on the night of his birthday, Aki was still wide awake, jumping and asking for another bahay kubo song at 3AM!

8 thoughts on “Aki’s Last Minute DIY Birthday Crown

  1. Mommy Maqui! Been looking for felt to sew on to raviv’s costume! Planning to put felt fringes to the sleeve and leg edges, just like the ones on his headgear. Where can I buy in LB? or in calamba? SOS!

    1. Dew! I sent you a PM. In case you did not get it, resending my answer:
      Dew! Relax lang.
      I recently bought sheets of felt from the Stationery Section of SM Bicutan. Baka meron sa SM San Pablo or Calamba.
      Good luck!

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