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Aki’s Favorite 15 Peso Bath Toy

Having a toddler is like having a time machine.  Everyday, I get transported to the days of childhood. Because of my tot, I have learned to appreciate and get wow-ed by the simplest things.

When I was a kid, my lola had a small sari sari store. I remember being amazed with the funnel that she used to transfer vinegar from her gigantic jar to her customers bottle.  Even though we have no use for the funnel in our kitchen,  since it was selling for only 15 pesos in Uniwide, I put in the shopping cart.

Now, it so easy to convince Aki to go to the bathroom so we can wash his tush. It used to be a power struggle because Aki does not like it when we interupt his play. Now, he sees going to the bathroom as another play opportunity.  Aki likes putting water into the funnel, saying buh-bye to the water as it slowly moves down.  When the bottle is full, Aki pours the water back to the basin and starts filling the bottle again.

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