7 New Books for Aki

I am happy to report that of the top 11o children’s book, we now have  23.  We got 7 of them from our most recent trip to my favorite BookSale branch , the Makati Cinema Square BookSale branch. With the number of books in Booksale, it is easy to get overwhelmed, to overbuy and to irritate an impatiently waiting husband.  My cheat sheet has been saving my wallet and my marriage many times over.

I am now a little more meticulous when buying.  Aside from reading the entire book first before purchasing, I tried looking for reviews to see which books are really well-loved and which ones are quite controversial.  I got this tip from Rachel of Mommy Mama Rat.

Back to the books I bought. The Are You My Mother book is our first Dr. Seuss books. I have yet to become a fan. His books, maybe because of the type of paper, printing and the drawing, remind me of my grade school text books.  Some weeks ago, I discovered that Dr Seuss came out with simpler and sturdier versions of the classics. I hope BookSale will have more of them because Aki liked his first Dr Seuss.  

Recently, I realized that through books I am able to enrich Aki’s experiences even without having him go through the actual activity. For the longest time, I have been avoiding books that have snow because I felt they won’t be relevant and Aki can’t relate. When I read The Snowy Day to my boy, he was immediately mesmerized. Now, he pretends to form snow balls and make snow angels.  We will never go on a bear hunt but thru his book, he experienced the thrill of being chased by a bear. You should see him as he clings to my arm.


6 thoughts on “7 New Books for Aki

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Maqui!

    I just bought the simpler version of Are You My Mother board book. I was contemplating kanina if ang bilhin ko is yung mas malaki but then I thought mas handy itong bagong version for Moymoy and since hindi sya yung usual na Dr. Seuss books na nabili namin with pages na paper lang, e pilas-proof sya kay Moymoy hahahahah

    Lagi ko nalilimutan dalhn yung list whenever we go to Serendra kaya I always end up picking na lang anything that I find Moymoy would be interested to. Nakita ko yang Were Going On a Bear Hunt and stared at it lang for a few seconds tapos di ko naman kinuha, hehehehe… Next week na lang siguro. 🙂

    • Alam mo, Ann, sobrang timing ng post mo. Lately, di kami masyadong nakakapagbasa ng books ni Aki. Last night lang kami nakapagbasa uli and guess what we read? We are Going on a Bear Hunt! Fun read talaga siya. While reading it, may nalalaman pa kaming mag ina na patago tago sa ilalim ng kumot kase ginagaya namin yun book. If you see it again, bilhin mo siya. im sure adventurous moymoy will enjoy it

  2. na-special mention ako! hihihihi! thanks maqui 🙂

    we got the same Are You My Mother boardbook from booksale too! 😉 pati boardbook ng The Foot Book and ABC. we also have their full version counterparts. our little guy enjoys both versions but tends to pick up the big book more. siguro kasi masmahaba ang enjoyment. so if Aki enjoys the short version, I guess he’ll be great with the full one rin. 🙂

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