2011 Family Photoshoot (Part I of IV)

I love beautiful pictures! Who doesn’t?

So long as there upcoming and affordable photographers to discover, I would like to make September the official family photoshoot month. 

My latest discovery is Jan of Labski Fotografi. Her rates are unbelievable affordable. Would you believe that the hair and make-up were free in her package? Since she is also a N@wie, it felt like working with an old time friend. Of all the photoshoots that we had, the most recent one was the most relaxed. Before I met her, there were times when I wished someone was taking a picture of us to capture ordinary but precious moments. That’s what she did. She allowed me to be involved in the whole creative process. The other photographers we worked with in the past were all outstanding, but it was only Jan who made me feel that whole shoot was very very personalized. When Jan told me that she wants to get a lot of  input from me, I started to make a list – a list of the fun everyday things that we like to do together like inspecting worms, chalk drawing etc. I came up with a list and it was two page long. Haha. Sometimes, while sitting inside the MRT, I would remember something, I would put it on the reminder function of my phone so I can list the idea down when I get home.

We had a shoot in four locations – Aki’s playroom, our garden, our bedroom and in Jollibee!

Here are my favorites from the garden shoot

 Click on the pictures to enlarge


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