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Playing with Worms

I am doing my best to raise a very curious child, a child who would be happy to stay at home and play with rocks, watch ants and inspect worms. I want him to be very much aware of his surroundings and be able to find ways to entertain himself.

If you are also from our side of Paranaque, you have probably seen a lot of these.

I thought they are itchy but they are not. I did my best to sweep them away but since we renovated the lanai, they seem to have multiplied a thousand-fold. Since they are already everywhere, I have included inspecting them in the list of outdoor activities I play with my boy. Aki likes to pick them up using stick, put them inside his plastic jar, then observe. He lets his prisoners go, though, 10 seconds, after capture.

7 thoughts on “Playing with Worms

  1. We have a lot of that too in our garden! I thought they just liked the bluegrass but now that I see them on your garden soil I’m thinking it’s probably the soil that they’re attracted to. Si Maia dati di takot dyan. Ngayon maarte na. “Scared ako mommy, skeyrddddddd!” Lolz. Ang arte!!!

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