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Dusty Uniwide = My Happy Place

I discovered Uniwide through my sister-in-law Mae last year. I did not blog about it because I got a lot of my Christmas gifts from there. Of course, I didn’t want my friends to find out how much I paid for their presents. Although the place is dusty, the pushcarts are heavy and uncooperative, I sweat like crazy everytime I visit, it is still one of my top shopping destinations. If Dapitan was great, Uniwide is 10 times better! Plus, it is just near my place. Since I am trying to save save save, I only brought 500 bucks. I still went home with three bags fulls of treasure.

Click on the pictures to see the unbelievable prices of my favorite finds.

Some shopping tips

– It is hot inside. Wear a pair of shorts, a sleeveless top and bring a ponytail

– Bring a damp washcloth so you can wipe your face and hands after shopping. Wipe only after you leave the store. It is no use to wipe while you are still shopping because your hands will still get dirty

– Inspect each item carefully. Most if not all items are factory rejects. Some have noticeable flaws. Some look perfect.

14 thoughts on “Dusty Uniwide = My Happy Place

    1. Hello! Sorry for the delay. The biggest branch is in Coastal Mall near MOA. They have other branches around the Metro. They have one in Sucat. I know they have one in QC too. Search mo na lang sa net. Happy shopping. Hurry because they are closing soon

    1. Em, waley nang cardboard alphabet but I saw some in National. Mahal lang.
      I did not check out the shelves for mugs kase quota na ako diyan. Most likely meron.

      1. Thanks for this post, Maqui! We were there last Sunday and I bought lots of good but cheap stuff! I found the ceramic garden stool I’ve been looking for in Uniwide Coastal Mall! Sarap bumalik!

        1. Hi Leah! Thanks for visiting! It’s so refreshing to get a visit from recent w@w grad. makes me miss my wedding preps days. I enjoyed browsing thru your site. keep it up!

  1. hi maqui! pag ako walang magawa, this is my destination. hahaha. ang dami kong kung ano ano becasue i can’t leave that place without buying anything. my best buy dito was maybe 5 years ago when they sold cute sneakers– i gave almost all of my 20+ cousins sneakers and they thought big time ako mag gift. got them for P69, P79 and P89. =)

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