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Playdate with the N@wies

Now I remember why I have not yet blogged about any of the previous playdates that we had with my fellow N@wies and their kids. I have been looking at my screen for a good 10 minutes and I still haven’t  found the right words to start this blog entry.

If you have been reading this blog, you probably know already that I am a member of this online community called Newlyweds@Work.  Members like me are called N@wies. In a nutshell, we are a group of graduates from another online egroup called Weddings@work.  So from, planning a wedding, we now move on to discussions on everything and anything about being a wife, a mother and  a woman.  Our topics range from passport application to pediatric dentists to vacuum cleaners to Sara Geronimo. 

Weekend playdates with  my N@W friends and their kids is something I always look forward to. It is nice to finally talk about developmental delays, homeschooling and other mommy concerns and stories without worrying if I am boring my friends. Three of the four playdates that we had were held at the Play Place in Alabang Town Center McDonald’s.  The area is separate from the rest of the restaurant, giving us some privacy. There are also several tables where we can eat, chat and leave are bags in when it is time to follow the kids inside the tubes.

The most recent playdate was very memorable for me because for the first time, Aki really played with other children.  In the last playdates, it was mostly parallel play. He played side by side but did not really interact that much. In our last playdate, Aki followed Briel, sis Nadia’s son, wherever the latter went. Aki kept on asking for Basti’s balloon until Basti finally let Aki touch it. Basti is sis Sunshine’s 2 year old toddler. Aki followed Maia, Faye’s darling little girl, down the slide. I had no plans of fitting all of my 115 pounds into that kiddie slide but I was worried that Aki might get scared inside the tube slide. After twisting and turning, I found my way out. Aki was not a bit scared.

In this video, I think Briel was pretending to scare Maia and Aki.


This is Akikoy, my boombambino.

Aki and Briel

That’s Basti. In front of him are Briel and Maia.

Maia. I so love her curly hair and her little girl voice.

Here is our group picture minus Sunshine and Basti. Kelsea, Erlaine’s super pretty little girl, is also missing in the picture.

Shyne&Red, Erlaine, Me&Aks, Nadia&Briel and Faye&Maia

Til the next playdate, sisses!

PS. I started at 7:19PM and finished at 10:49PM 😛

10 thoughts on “Playdate with the N@wies

  1. i’m so inggit, sis. wish i can have amber attend in one of the nawies-organized playgroups too. if i can only get up early! hay, i have to do something about my weekend schedule. ^_^

  2. Hello sis. Hope we (and two-year old Mischa) can join your next playdate. We’re from the South, too!

    mischa adrienne 6/6/9

  3. Maqui! Thanks for sharing the photos and the video. These are very precious moments 🙂 Kami din we always look forward to our playdates. Iba ang bonding eh (even with the kids). Sayang we couldn’t join you today. Di bale, marami pang susunod nyan 😀

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