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Is he delayed?

Or are the others just advanced?
Am I really worried?
Or am I just jealous?
What did I do wrong?
What else can I do?
Whose need is it for him to be able to speak now, mine or his?
Am I really really bothered?

These are examples of the questions I bombard myself whenever I felt Aki’s speech development was delayed. You see at 21 months, the only words that Aki can say on demand consistently, were Ta-ta for Lolo Tatay and Mam-muh for Mummy.
I usually get bothered whenever I learn that someone brought her child to a developmental pedia. Or when someone shares that her child was diagnosed to have a certain delay. Most of the time, I get worried when I learn that kids of the same age  can already say this and that. 

There are probably 1001 other things that I can still do to improve his speech development. Deep inside, I know that  even if I did not do everything, I did my best. So why don’t I just bring him to a developmental pedia? I have gotten several recommendations already but never got around to calling to request for a schedule. I guess, one of my biggest fear is failing. I fear that the  dev pedia might suggest that we bring Aki to therapy several times a week. Being full time working parents, I know Franco and I will not be able to comply with such recommedation.  I will never be able to forgive myself if I fail to  give him my best.

So am I really really really bothered?

You know, every bone in my body tells me that I should just be enjoying the beautiful child in front of me. I should stop worrying and just enjoy motherhood since Aki will never be a toddler again. And that is what I have been doing . I have been trying to push the worry aside and trust my instincts. When I was pregnant, all I wanted was a happy and healthy baby. And that is what I have now and much more. Aki is perfectly OK. No, let me correct myself. Aki is not just OK. He is a terrific kid. He is very affectionate. He is not a picky eater. He does not throw tanrums. He likes to read books. He packs away his toys, sometimes. Why should I be asking for more?

Besides, Dra Saulog assured us that Aki is developing normally.  Also, my next favorite kids, Jyl and Rocky (it is his birthday today, btw. Love you Kuya Rock! Happy birthday), did not really talk until they were two or three. Looking at them now, they are very happy kids who will talk talk and talk unless you ask them to stop. Lastly, my book on speech and literacy development says that these are the warning signs for 19 month to 24 month old toddlers. 

 There are a lot of resources in the net about warning signs but when it comes to expert advice, I still like going back to published books. The book even stated that even if one or two of the warning signs are evident in a child,  it does not automatically qualify a child as delayed.

And then, the most amazing thing happened after Aki hit his 22nd birthsary. It was as if someone pressed his “on” switch. He just suddenly started talking.  Now at 23 months, Aki is such a parrot. He immitates every word we say. He even called Franco , “Be” because he heard me call his dad by that nickname.

Here is my little mathematician counting. Eight is my favorite number.  He usually says it as if he is nanggigigil.

Here are some of his other words. If you see an apostrophe after a vowel, that means the pronouncation is maragsa

Letter A – Ey
Letter R – Aaah
Letter T – tttt (He can say many other letters but this just what I remember now)
Dog – Doh
Caat – Kah
Fish – Fth
Daddy – Duh-deee
Tita – Teh-tah
Tito – Toh-toh
Ate – Te-te
Ate Tina – Na-na
Lola Patty – Puh-tee
Bato – Toh-toh
Stick – Di’
Chalk – Tsoh
Bubbles – Ba-bos
Juice – Is-is
Book – Bu-bu-bu
Ball – Boh
Baba (go down) – Ba’-ba’
No – Nuuuu
TV – Ve-ve
Light – Ta’-ta’
Smooth – Mooow
Small – Moh
Big – Biiiiiiiii

Here is one of my favorite videos of Aki.  Even he thinks this is a funny.

Sometimes you do get what you wish for and more.

4 thoughts on “Is he delayed?

  1. I am so glad that your boy could finally talk! We mothers have the tendency to exaggerate our concerns especially when it comes to our children.

    1. so true, we tend to exaggerate concerns. That is something i am trying to work on. He was actually saying some words already even before, like boh for ball and moo for moon, yun lang not consistently. I am glad i listened to my mommy instincts

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