Alphabet Pancakes

Sorry for the crappy pictures. But these are still cute, right?!

Meet my assistant, Ate Jyl!

This is what she made.

The secret…

Ketchup containers!  Not sure what they’re really called.


– Make the batter. Make sure it is a little thick but not too thick. Don’t forget to add oil or butter so the pancakes won’t stick on the pan. Non-stick pans are also the way to go.

–  If you want colored pancakes, put small amounts in smaller cups and add food coloring . Mix-y mix-y. Transfer to the ketchup thingy.

– Draw the outline first then fill the inside. Cook thin pancakes only so you don’t need to flip them. Flipping makes the color uneven. (See Jyl’s pancakes)

– And you’re done! Serve with a smile.


15 thoughts on “Alphabet Pancakes

  1. mental note: find/purchase those types of containers. ^_^ i love it that you find any activities fun! and i love it too na may nagagaya ako from your activities. haha!

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