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The Last Dance aka Ang Huling Hele ni Manang

Aki had no idea that this was his last dance with Manang.

Normally, he can nap by himself. However, on Manang’s last day, he was not showing any signs of sleepiness even if it was already 3 hours past his nap time. It was as if he knew that he had to make the most of the next hours. I asked Manang to rock Aki to sleep for the last time.

Growing up, we always had yayas. There was Manang Ading and Ate Paz. I loved them dearly but I don’t remember crying when they said goodbye. With Manang, even if she was with us for less than a year, I could not help but cry. I did not want to show her that I will miss her, that we need her  and that we really want her to stay, but when I handed her the envelope of the print outs of her pictures with Aki, tears uncontrollably fell. I did not want to show her how sad I was. I bowed my head and turned around  so she would not see me crying. But she asked me a question so I had to  show her my crying face. And when she saw me crying, she started crying as well.  I told her we will miss her and we know that her family needs her more than we do. She then confessed that she had been crying for the past few nights because she would be leaving with a heavy heart.   She said she already has the blessing of her husband to come back after the construction of their house which would be in 2 or 3 months time. Of course, hearing that made me really happy but I felt very guilty.  I know her family needs her. She should be thinking of her family instead of worrying about us.

Before she left morning of the next day, she surprised me with her last gifts – sewn hems of my office pants, a monogram pillow that I have been wanting to do, and a traditional sipa for Aki.  

I could not watch her leave. Instead, I distracted my broken heart by taking pictures of my broken-hearted son.




36 thoughts on “The Last Dance aka Ang Huling Hele ni Manang

  1. Aww ang raw ng iyak ni Aki!

    So heartbreaking.

    Am crying coz I know Manang passed away na. How sad. But happy ka na din coz she loved you so much!

    -benz <– crayola sa umaga

    Mommy Fleur!!! Di pa ayos blog mo sa cell ko tagal ko nang di updated sa buhay mo! See you soon. *asa*

  2. Naiyak naman talaga ako sa blog post mo na ito =c

    I’m dreading the day Girlie will make paalam to leave us. Baka ako ang maglupasay sa iyak, hindi si Anika. Hahaha!

    Reading the comments here, I’m glad Aki is okay. He has a terrific mommy naman kasi =)

    Take care and hugs to your baby boy! =)

  3. so sad. My yaya is already 51 and I remember her kay Manang kasi magaling din sa plants, sa pagluluto, sa pag-aalaga ng bata. 😦 hay… How was Aki when he knew na wala na talaga si Manang?

    1. Surprisingly, ambilis niya magmove on. After the super cry right after Manang left, wala na uling iyakan.
      It helped na may one month transition period yun new yaya namin.
      Ako yun di pa rin makamove on. hehe

  4. ….sadness naman nito, :”(

    nahirapan akong lumunok (for holding my tears back)… baka kung ano pa sabihin ng mga officmates ko dito….

    hope aki’s ok na

      1. actually meron e, hahahah kaso di ko na naituloy. Ang hirap mag-maintainng dalawang blog. Yung mommy blog ko nasa blogspot din sinimulan ko yun nung magbuntis pa ako kay moymoy pero di ko na na-update nung magstart na yung last tri ko. Until now di sya updated… Sayang nga sana maituloy ko pa yun… dami ko kwento e. heheheh

        1. sayang naman yun blog mo, Ann! Actually, yun FB page mo, nakasave na sa favorites ko kase sa dami mong kwento para na ngang blog. Kung naka blog format, mas madali balikan sa future or iturn into a book. 🙂

  5. When my favorite yaya left for good (kahit ilang beses sya alis ng alis at balik ng balik) and went to work in Malaysia, binato ko sya ng unan tapos hinampas-hampas tsaka sabi ko “I hate you!” hhaha. Pero teary eyed ako non ha. Wahaha.

  6. it’s 5AM and i’m teary eyed with your post. poor Aki!

    I remembered crying every time a yaya would leave me when I was younger. My cousin told me when I got older that she didn’t get it why I cried over one of my yaya’s when she was so rude to me. hahaha.

    It is hard to find a good kasama sa bahay and reading your posts i know manang was.

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