Bodega Makeover

Manang’s last major project was our bodega makeover. I wish I was able to take a “before” picture. When I woke, the bodega was already turned inside out.

We tackled the big items first particularly Aki’s baby stuff – the two playpens, baby basins, stroller, carrier/rocker, and high chair. Just when we were “on the zone”, we  got off track when we could not disassemble the high chair. Good thing, I was able to keep the manual. So after 30 minutes of figuring out  how to detach ech segment, we were able to fold it up and put every part in the original box. After packing all Aki’s baby paraphernalia, we covered them in  trash bags to protect them from dusts and insects.
Next we gathered all the christmas decors, wiped them clean, covered the breakable with layers of crumpled newspaper and put everything in a large plastic basket.  For the rest of the items, we identified each if they are to be kept, thrown or given away.

Without further ado, I present, my organized bodega!

Hidden in the clutter were these treasures. I have forgotten about them. Good thing, we scheduled a general cleaning before Manang left.

Most important treasure that I unearthed was Aki’s baptismal certificate. Why it was in the bodega, I do not know.

This simple but super fun rocket toy. Aki can make the red thing touch our ceiling.

Vintage Little Men book that I got from my lola’s house. My dad and his siblings used to read it. Now, Aki will also get to read it.

I have been looking for this clock since Feb! After the broken glass was removed, this cute clock can now be used.

Next stop: DVD’s!


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