Dip ‘n’ Paint

After seeing how much Aki enjoyed our finger painting session a few weeks back, I thought we will be finishing the paint tubs in no time. Sadly, when I brought out the paints again, Aki immediately remembered that he is the boy who does not like his hands getting dirty. Right aftering dipping his pointer finger onto the paint, he wiped the paint on his hair. Fearing that the paints might solidify, I brought them out again but this time, I also brought out old glow in the dark sticks that Aki can use for dipping. (mental note: buy brush).

It was a success! Aki enjoyed the activity and I love his creations.




6 thoughts on “Dip ‘n’ Paint

  1. AC says:

    Sus, e ni hindi nga ako makapunta sa art shop dito para makabili maski sketch pad and pencils man lang. Ang loser ko. Waaaaahhhh. 😦

    Magkano range ng painting teacher jan?

    • Wow! You paint?! Inggit ako. II wish I had your talent. Feeling ko very relaxing and makes you appreciate th details of your surrounding more. Kaso wala talaga eh.
      Why not try again?

      • AC says:

        Yeah. In HS I used to be the class’ rep to poster making contests. Im more into arts than business/corporate stuff. In fact, ang first job ko dapat ay writer/designer sa Hallmark.. Ewan ko ba baket mas pinili ko sa corp. Nagsisisi tuloy ako ngayon. Hehe. 😀 Pero mas sanay ako sa charcoal kesa sa colors.. 🙂

        • Wow talaga?! Ang talented mo pala. I hope may mag spark uli yun passion mo for drawing.
          I am planning to get a painting teacher for myself. May nirecommend yun friend ko n nagturo sa kanya. Hopefully may pag asa pa na matuto ako mag draw and paint.
          pero ikaw, go go go!

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