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Thank you, Summit Media, for these prizes!

Promise, I have tamed my addiction to contests. Last year, I actively looked for contest. I had a quota of at least one winning per month. Now, I don’t look for contests anymore. If I chance upon them and I like and could need the prize, then I join. Amazingly, now that contests are not my favorite thing, I am still their favorite person. I would like to thank Summit Media for these lovely prizes.

When I went on a bento shopping spree, I really wanted to get a bento box but I stopped myself because the grocery basket was already full and I already have a  Lock and Lock set. Look what I won. A bento box! Sheh, the very nice lady in charge of distributing prizes, threw in  a nice top for a tween. I gave it to Jenny Rose, Manang’s 10 year old daughter.

 Polkatot’s GC

Skin Specialist GC

Parenting books from McGraw Hill Publishing. Thank you very much!  I am currently reading Perfect Parenting. It is a book full of tips and solutions to common parenting problems. It was written by Elizabeth Pantley, the author behind the no-cry solution series.  I owe Aki’s commendable sleeping habits to her. I have been wanting to buy this book, along with the other books by Pantley but since my to-read list is probably longer than Aki, I left the book alone.

My favorite recent prize – my beloved bean bags from Dakki. I have been on the look out for a  nice affordable bean bag since early this year. I wanted one for Aki’s reading nook. I got not one but two!

 Lately, I realized that many of the things that I want but chose not to purchase found their way into my home.  Life is good! I hope you are loving your life as much I am loving mine. Happy long weekend!

7 thoughts on “Thank you, Summit Media, for these prizes!

    1. see you! Excited na rin ako! We just came from a playdate yesterday. First time ko actually to see Aki really play with other kids. Parallel play lang kase before. His best friend yday was sis Nadia’s boy, Briel who I think has the same bday as Dade. 🙂

  1. Really?!! 😀 That’s so thoughtful! Thank you, thank you!! 🙂 We’ll be staying in QC half of our stay this Dec. I hope the GCs will still be valid by then.

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