A Simple Birthday Celebration

Compared to Franco’s  Japanese-themed 30th birthday party last year, our celebration last week  was small and simple.

Love is when you wake up at 5:30AM to bake. I mashed, shaped and baked the meatballs for dear husband’s favorite pasta.

I also made the yummiest brownies I ever baked. Actually, it was my first time to bake brownies. Special thanks to Miss Betty Crocker for the easy, fail-safe, 4-ingredient recipe.   The brownies were meant to take the place of the birthday cake. Unfortunately, when it was time to make a birthday wish and blow a birthday candle, I discovered we have several packs of white Liwanag candles from Aki’s baptism and from the house blessing but no little blowing candle.


Unlike last year where he slept all day while Jane and I secretly labored in the kitchen, on his 31st birthday, we spent the whole day together. We went to Ortigas to claim my prizes at Summit Media. Then we went to Makati where he renewed his driver’s license while I went to the groceries to buy diapers and then to BDO to open trust funds for Aki and for myself. No fancy meals for us. We ate our favorites  at the Ayala MRT station-  Jamaican patties, siomai with gulaman, kwek-kwek for me, and coated balot for hubby.

I also got Aki huge beach ball from Toy Kingdom. We have so many balls at home but I just got to get it. I saw some fun activities using an inflated  beach ball in my Gymboree Toddler Play book. Plus, since summer is over, the beach ball was 50% off.  Using the points in my SM advantage card, I did not  to pay a single centavo. Sweet!

By the time we were done, it was almost 2PM. We ditched watching a movie and getting a thai massage as we wanted to spend the rest of the day with our darling boy. And that is what we did. We cuddled up in bed, exchanged tickles and group hugged until we fell asleep.

Belated happy birthday bebe dadeh!


2 thoughts on “A Simple Birthday Celebration

  1. Hi Maqui! The brownies look so good! Care to share the recipe? I googled Betty Crocker brownie recipes and she has more than 80, I dunno which one to choose. I’m quite intrigued with the four-ingredient recipe that you have. My email is edelweiss_19(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you and more power to your blog! 🙂

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