Minor Renovations and our Little Foreman

We had some minor renovations in the garage and in the side yard these past few weeks. All the cement work is now complete. Special thanks to this foreman who bossed everyone around

Initially, we just wanted to cover the catch basins. They were left uncovered by our first contractor. They were definitely dangerous traps for adventurous toddlers and drunk husbands. We were very pleased with Mang Totong’s work so we ask him to give the rest our mini great outdoors a makeover.

This very rough garage floor

is no longer rough. Yey, less scraping in case Aki trips.

The wall

was also covered with a fresh layer of cement. We will have it painted probably in summer.

And my beloved side yard

now has a walkway and three garden beds. Can you see the potential? I can and I am so excited! 

Initially, I wanted to plant grass  instead of a cemented path. However, a grassy path needs to be  trimmed and maintained regularly. With our busy schedule, I don’t think that is a practical choice. I also wanted to finish the path with a very 70’s pebble wash . Unfortunately, that would translate to additional cost of a little less than 5K (labor and materials). I decided that that 5K would be better spent elsewhere.  Tiles would be cheaper choice  but they are not as long lasting as pebbles.

We bought sacks and sacks of garden soil. These past weekends, Manang and I labored in the garden for hours. Will keep you posted on the progress of the side yard.


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