Memoirs of a Mummy

Q & A with Dra Saulog

Aki, asking for a lollipop as soon as we enter the clinic

We so love Dra Vienne Saulog! Here is our mini Q&A from our last minute

Q: We are planning to visit our relatives abroad. When is the best time to go?
A: Spring is the best time. A few weeks before their summer would be perfect. It won’t be so cold and not so hot.
May it is! The question now is “what year”

Q: How about the carseat? Do we need to buy one?
A: They have car seat rentals abroad for tourists.

Q: We are hoping to have a mini-honeymoon for 3 days. Can we leave Aki with our relatives?
A: Enjoy! Schedule the side trip towards the end of your vacation. That way, Aki is already very familiar with his caregiver when you leave. Also prior your mini honeymoon, Aki should have several practice sessions. He and your relatives can go to a park or somewhere a toddler would enjoy, without you. Meet them at the end of the day so he gets the impression that you will always be back. Oh, it would also be a good idea if your relatives would immediately give Aki a gift upon arrival from the airport. That will make him feel that the place you are going to is a fun place.

Q: What is the best toddler friendly airline?
A: From our yearly travels, I noticed that my kids are most pampered in the Arab airlines like Emirates and Qatar. They give out toys, activity sheets, the works! There is a yearly travel expo in SMX around January or February. We always buy our plane tickets from there. We get to save US$200 per ticket.

Q: Any special vaccines needed?
A: By next year, you will be almost done with vaccines.


Q: (Franco asking) Aki is such a mama’s boy! He always wants his mummy. There were times when Jamie is at work when he would cry because he misses her.
A: That is not that bad thing actually.  Some parents feel resentment because their children choose the yaya over them. It only means when Aki is with his mom, he is having fun. Yayas come and go. Mothers do not. If Manang leaves, it won’t be as traumatic for Aki as it is for other children.


Q: Should we start potty training Aki?
A: Well, you can start potty training him once he can say “wiwi”

20 minutes after and he is still asking for a lollipop

Q: Should we start training him on other skills?
A: It would be good if you start teaching him some basics that would make life easier for you like putting on his shoes. Once he starts eating on his own, you will see.
Me: (Smiles proudly) Doc, he has been eating on his own! And he can wear is boots by himself.

Q: Oh wait, he has been eating on his own but…he does not regularly join us in the table during meals. 
A: It is very important that he gets trained to eat in the dining table.If he is hungry, put the food in the dining table.

Q: What are the best toys for him at this age  (21 months)?
A: Clays are good for his fine motor development. Playing with clay will also make him realize that he can create things with his hands. Simple wooden puzzles will improve his memory. Flash cards for the objects that he does not see regularly are also good.


P.S. Aki got his lollipop after his vaccine shot. Dra said Aki truly is a happy baby. She was impressed that Aki can wait that long before getting what he wanted. Some kids could have already thrown a tantrum. Because Aki listen or maybe gets distracted when we tell him that he can’t have what he wants so he should play with something else, looking after this kid is not so challenging.

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