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Corny Update

Remember the corn seeds we planted last June?

Of the 4 seeds we planted, only one survived. It was  less than a week old when I posted this pic. It was less than 8 inches tall.

Fast forward to 10 weeks later….

So exciting! Flowers are already spouting. Any time now, little corns will pop between the leaves and the stalk.

Aki is not as excited as Manang and I are. He prefers the pinwheels. If my older nieces and nephews were here, I am sure we would be measuring the height everyday.

Can’t wait for the harvest season!

3 thoughts on “Corny Update

  1. same here, if i only have a green thumb — saka lupa! magtatanim din ako! nice hobby you have there maqui. continue “greening” the environment! ^_^

  2. I’m sure Aki will be excited by harvest time. Na-excite din nmn ako! If only I had a green thumb, magtatanim din ako 🙂

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