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This Toddler Packs Away His Toys

Yep yep yep yep!

Finally, my 21 month old has learned how to pack away his toys. It happened last Wednesday, July 25. I tried the trick that Faye shared in my earlier post. And it worked! I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the very important milestone. When I said his toys are also sleepy like him and need to be returned to the toy box so they can sleep, he picked them up one by one and put them away. My jaw fell to the floor. After the clean up, I showered him with hugs, kisses and thank you’s. When we were about to go up the stairs, he noticed that a small ball was behind the legs of his study table. Picked it up and put it in the toy box. Am so proud!

This is Aki putting away a toy last Thursday night. Not sure if he did it again last night because I came home late.

Aki Short Stories

As I mentioned before, Aki is very affectionate. He gives kisses, hugs and flowers  without being asked. About a week ago, he freaked out /charmed the neighbors, when he decided that he would bless the hand of each person who will pass by. So he blessed the hand of jogging lolos, construction workers and grade school girls. At first, they could not understand why Aki suddenly approached them and asked for the their hand. As soon as Aki blessed their hands, huh’s became aaaaaaaaaawww’s.

Yesterday morning, when he saw the construction workers who were working on a nearby street, he looked at me and did his baby sign for blessing of the hand. He wanted to stop the car so he could bless the hand of the workers. God bless my boy!


Last last weekend, when we ate lunch together as a family peacefully for the first time, was also the first time Aki jumped. As in he bent his legs, push himself up and got both feet off the floor. If there is one aspect of development that I don’t worry about, that is his gross motor development. In fact, he has very noticeble calf muscles that are sometimes rock hard. Buti pa siya may muscles.


Here is Aki, happy as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning.

I know I should be happy but sometimes I wish Aki is not malambing as soon as he wakes up. Here he is, 13 kilos plus a heavy diaper, sitting on my ribs at 6AM.


In this photo, Aki is happily playing inside our empty ref. Sometimes, he will just open the ref door and sit. In this picture, Aki is poking the eggs so they would move from one egg hole to another.

When we still had Meiji chocolate and strawberry chips, he guarded the ref  until we gave in and gave him some.

Aki also likes to get the salad dressing bottle and pretend that he is puttingg some onto our plate.


A bad habit that I am happy he broke is hugging us from behind and then biting our ass. At first it starts as a lambing hug which turns into a gigil hug  which turns into a gigil bite. It is a funny scene actually unless you are the unlucky human teether.


These days, Aki is rarely seen without his favorite toy, a whistle!

He likes to play hide and seek. His favorite spot is inside my cabinet.

He discovered recently that his study table gives him easy access to three of his favorite things in the world, switches, knobs and keyholes.


He also likes to pull up my shirt and blow raspberries on my tummy. It is fun that he is now the tickler and I am the ticklee. I ask him to stop after a minute of tummy tickling because my tummy is already full of saliva.


I am so looking forward to the day when I say “Aki, it is toothbrush time” and Aki opens his mouth wide and let’s me brush his teeth without resistance.

7 thoughts on “This Toddler Packs Away His Toys

  1. Thanks to you and to Faye for sharing the tip on how to pack away the toys. Although at the end of the day I am the one packing it one by one, Akira does not touch them anymore pag ayos na. I tell her that Mickey and friends needs to go to sleep so she can play with them in the morning. Effective! Hala! pagdating ng umaga, magulo na ulit 🙂

      1. You’re welcome mga mommies. Although I really do not hold credit for that…it’s something we learned from St Mikael when we were doing summer school. Sila they have this toy cabinet with curtains on them. Pag tapos na free play the nurturer would sing a pack away song (this doesn’t work for us too lolz) and tell the kids o put the toys to sleep now. they need to rest. Ayun Maia picked up the practice really well. Kaya nakakatuwa. Siguro nga it’s easier for kids to relate to something if parang gagawin mong animate ung mga bagay sa paligid nila 🙂

      1. hehe, every child is different ika nga. 🙂 I was able to buy popsicle molds in Saizen-Trinoma. Ikaw nga agad naalala ko 🙂

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