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Not Sew Easy Flower Pillow

I could have saved energy and time by buying the No Sew Fabric glue but no, the frugal one in me won. I could have finished the entire 180 peso bottle in just one project.  Because frugaliciousity is the name of the game, I opted to hand stitch everything.

First, I made the pillow case last Friday night. I left one side open so it would be easier for me to sew the petals into the fabric.

Saturday morning, I used scratch paper to estimate the number and size of petals that I need. There are several tutorials online  onhow to make a flower felt pillow but all of them used fabric glue and my pillow is smaller than most. I was left to plan on my own.

I then cut 16 petals – 8 big for the outer later and 8 small for the 2nd and 3rd layer.  Then I folded and sewed the sides.  It might have been easier if I had a pair of sharp scissors.

Now the exciting part, sewing the petals into the pillow case.

For the middle part ( sorry I forgot to take pictures because it took me three tries to figure out what to do with the middle), I cut  6 circles, folded each one twice and then sewed them together.  The tutorials online used a large button or a small clover shaped felt.  Those could have been easier options but I didn’t like the look.

After sewing the the pillow case, here is the finish product…

Drum rolls please….

10 thoughts on “Not Sew Easy Flower Pillow

    1. go go go sis! it is really gratifying and is not as hard as it looks like. And if you do not have the patience to stitch, there is the No Sew Fabric Glue. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kat! Felt fabric ang material ng flower. It is good for craft projects because it does not fray. I bought mine sa craft section ng SM Makati dept store. Meron rin sa Megamall. You can also buy sa Carolinas for 180 per yard. Yun sa SM kase it is 59 pesos for half a meter by 18 inches. I used one and a half roll for this project. I read somewhere that in Divisoria felt costs 100 bucks lang per yard. 🙂

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