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It is snowing in Paranaque!

I wish our office shredder shreds this finely so I can bring home enough shredded  paper to fill a family size inflatable pool
Aki does not look happy in this pic but i justh ave to post. So pogi, right?

Or better yet, why not buy my own shredder so I can make confetti anytime. We will throw confetti everytime there is something to celebrate like when Aki lets me brush his teeth or  when Franco successfully changes his son’s diaper without using up all the wipes.  Or maybe we will throw confetti  as soon as a birthday girl or a birthday boy wakes up? Yeah, having our own shredder will definitely make our home a happier one. Whatchathink, be?

So far, we played with shredded paper by

– putting the confetti on a batya and hiding small items like crayons and toy cars.  Aki’s goal was to find the hidden treasures.

– using a small container to scoop and transfer  shredded paper from a big basin into a smaller one.

–   pretending it is snowing in Paranaque! Oh what joy!

And of course, the most fun way to play with shredded paper is by making a mess. Lots and lots of it!

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