My first ever sewing project

I have had this extra large pillow since I was in high school. Because of its unusual  size (23×23), we can’t find extra pillow cases for it anywhere. When I was younger, I thought this pillow looks sosy because of its velvet cover.  Now, I just find it so 90’s. My first sewing project will give this boring pillow a makeover.

First step is getting the measurement.

Next I bought colorful canvass cloth from Cotton Depot in Glorietta 5. One yard costs pesos 120. For this project, I only got 3/4 of  yard. The needle set and thread are from Carolina’s.

I sewed the sides using back stitch.

After sewing the sides, I wrapped the cloth around the pillow and used safety pins to mark the areas that were to be sewn together.


Sew sew sew and I am done!




9 thoughts on “My first ever sewing project

  1. sis, you handsewn the pillow case? ang tyaga! 🙂 loving the colors too 🙂
    may throw pillows kaming gusgusin… super gusto ko tuloy i-try gumawa ng case nya.
    – rachel ni ten at coco 🙂 got a new mommy blog na 😉

  2. Wow, ang galing mo, Maqui! Love the colors of the pillow case. I wish I could apply what I’ve learned in my sewing class back in HS. Kaso ang tagal na nun. Ibang craft na lang sa ‘kin…haha!

  3. i love it! nice colors! naku ako i can’t even thread a needle so mukhang hopeless ako dito even if i try. pero ang hope ko is the heat n bond, no sew tape. sana effective. i’m doing pillow covers too and curtains sa room ni jared.

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