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Collage Project with Aki

The first phase of the project was a stroll around the village. We let Aki lead the way. Manang was in charge of security, making sure to warn us if there are vehicles nearby. I was in charge of collecting items for the collage and explaining them to Aki. It was amusing to watch him get excited because of the the most mundane things. He was so excited that he let go of my hand and ran across the street to inspect the letters in the sidewalk.

During the stroll, I asked Aki to inspect leaves, weeds and flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors and described each item to him. We went home with these.    

In a baking sheet, I taped a clear sticker paper, sticky side up.  Here is my little boy in action.

Here is the finish product

This project, like the texture book project, was inspired by my


6 thoughts on “Collage Project with Aki

    1. Hi Nina! I got the book from my forever favorite store – Booksale. I got it for 270 bucks. I havent seen it again there though. Let me know which area are you at. In case I see one again never your area, i will let you know 🙂

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